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After the Demons and Angels warred, the world was destroyed. The pure cataclysmic destruction forced all the continents back into Pangea, and the oceans into one Super Ocean. Now, the Underworld's seal is broken, and Demons are being freed more and more. They want Earth back. The reapers can't have that. If that happens, they lose all reason for existence, and will most likely be destroyed. The angels purely want peace, and will gain it any way possible. Now, dragons are running amok as Abraham plots with Cortex, Demon General of war. What do they have planned? A new war is starting up. Fenrir, Uriel, and Akuma-Oni are desperate, and want their side to win no matter what. Whose side will you choose?



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Kai Nostra

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Post  Kai Nostra on Sun May 02, 2010 5:14 pm

Kai Nostra

Age: 16

Personality: Kai is a rather strange person - or at least, that is the first impression many have. While sometimes using sarcasm, the main reason for that is something other: he sounds like an optimistic pessimist. While always thinking about the worst possible outcome out loud, sometimes freaking out even his allies - and at one time, even his Lord - he always remains smiling, with a certain confidence and cockyness, saying that it's only 'in the worst case, anyways' after his prophetic speeches. The positive possibilities? You won't hear them from him, thats for sure.
Should he get into battle, Kai is kinda headless, since he has nearly no experience in it, often relying on his master to give him directions through telepathy. Once he gets attacked, he normally tries to come up with the way that has the least pain in for him, resulting in a cowardly looking fighting style, that actually results into having good dodging skills and trying to strike a counter or riposte against his opponents. He says that it doesn't matter if you look like a chicken while fighting as long as you win - because of you do, you are the one telling the story, anyways, and the truth is not always what really happened. Confused now? Meet him, and be even more confused afterwards.

Mortal Appearance:
Kai is a very slender, thin figure, almost looking to slim. His hair is light grey, almost completely white, and he wears a brown bandana, while his eyes are brown - if light falls into them, they look yellow. He is a half-albino, thus the white hair and also almost white skin, which virtually never gets brown, no matter how much sun he gets. On his left upper arm, he got some Tattoos which look like three blue stripes - but thats actually an optical illusion. Once the light hits from the right angle and the viewpoint is right, one can see that they are actually words tattooed onto his arm in blue: Fear - The Grim - Reaper. Slightly above his wrists, he has two other black rings tattooed around his arms, they have no hidden meaning, unlike the two blue illusive tattoos on his left lower part of the arm. They read: Eylsium - Death.
On to his clothing. Most of the time, Kai wears sleeveless shirts and a short, white west over them, also without sleeves. Around his neck there is a black necklace in the form of a key with wings on the knot and a ruby in the middle of it. Also, he almost always wears leather gauntlets, sometimes without finger protection, sometimes with. His pants are a little bit wider than needed, white and thus kinda loose. They are held up by a rather strange belt that has a 'flag-like' part hanging right on the front side of him infront of his legs, with a white dragon upon it. His shoes are something like half-boots and have a steel underlay, so that it's practically impossible to step onto a nail with them and ram it into ones foot.

Lord: Fenrir

Weapon in Mortal Form: His weapon as an Immortal is a small sickle, completely black aside from two wings on the part where the handle goes over into the blade, on top of the said blade, and a red ruby right under them. If not needed, the weapon takes the form of Kai's necklace.

History: Human Life
Some people are very unfortunate with their families. Fathers that beat them up, non-caring mothers... but nothing of that applied to Kai. Why? Because he was an orphan, and without parents, you can't have bad ones, now can you? They where actually killed by a demon, though no one knew that, since they are invisible for humans till it is to late.
Living in an orphanage in a world that was still adjusting to be only one continent and a giant chunk of water was many things, but not easy. Because of his rather weak body, he was easily bullied. And being interested in old religions and spiritual stuff did quite add to his status as 'the weirdo' amongst the other kids, only giving him some loose friendships, no really good friends he would trust with anything at anytime. Somehow completing school, it was said that he was rather dull-witted behind the hands of the teachers, but it was something different: Kai didn't care. He had no reason to, seeing no real purpose in learning, getting a job, working for everyone in a community that humankind was now, and die someday as an old man. Why should he dedicate his life to humankind? He was a human, but that was no reason. Not for him, at least. Being forced to do some job interviews at the age of 15 should be his final downfall, however...

Gaining immortality the hard way

It was a rather hot summer day in the big city Kai lived in. Trying to get the sweat out of his eyes, he walked through some sideways to shorten the way to his destination - some weird textile factory. Not that he would even try to get a job there, though. That was not the life he wanted... The boy wanted to find his reason. His very own reason for existing. And that was not to produce jeans, that was for sure. His rather weird looking clothes would help with getting thrown out fast, that was for sure, but Kai would never wear something different.
But after all, he would never reach the factory. As he finally came out of the sideway he was in, back onto the main road, he noticed something strange. It was quiet. No cars, no passants, nothing. The bright light of the sun getting reflected by the asphalt didn't quite add to seeing much, and cursing, he tripped over some trashbag, nearly falling down, stumbling onto the road. It was then that the first shot was heard.
Without noticing, he had walked right into a gang war. The street was blocked by cars, thrown to the sides, some even burning and others standing on the street to blockade ways. Thugs fired guns from both sides over a dead zone - and this was where he was. Where Kai Nostra was in the moment he was destined to die.
No time to react. No time to throw himself to the ground. Only an unbelievable pain as the bullet of a gun pierced through his body, right into the lung, passing through him. Falling to the grund, he slowly felt his body going numb, the view of his eyes once again becoming dull. All voices, gunfire, even his own breathing - all sounds became dull, far away. But some noises where still heard quite good. Lying on the hot ground, his eyes looked into the sideway he himself left. Now, a figure in a black cloak came near, holding a scythe in it's hands. The heavy steps came from it.
"I knew..." Kai muttered. The being watched down onto him, maybe waiting for him to finish his final words. "Death was... always around the corner... in this world. Though I... didn't know it... was meant literally..." Somehow manging to laugh, he coughed blood onto the asphalt of the street.
"Strange. No begging for your life? No screaming? Most people don't react that calm to a Reaper appearing in front of him." The Reaper pointed at the black chord coming out of Kais body. It was flickering, dieing down. It was time for him to be released from his body.
"Well... simple reason, Reaper..." Kai suddenly moved. Something that should be completely impossible... slowly, he began to stand up. Even though he could not breath anymore. Even though his heart started to die down, screaming for air. Even though his brain started to fade. "I can't die... not now... I won't... not bef...ore... I find... my... rea...son..." Falling again, right in the direction of the Reaper, his eyes where mysteriously calm and clear. Something that was rare, almost impossible under those who died. But instead of letting him fall into the scythe, the Reaper catched his fall.
"You are quite interesting... I make you an offer, human. You become my apprentice, I sire you and make you immortal... and you will one day become a Reaper." As the bone hand of the being touched his wound in the lung, he could breath for a moment, forming an answer.
"Die in the dirt or become some living skelleton. You really think I would turn down your offer, Reaper?" Kai said with a suddenly very cocky voice. Now, the hand pressed itself on the wound, and the world started to spin around the boy, as Fenrir sired his new apprentice and made him immortal...

Opening his eyes, one hand did go right to the still spinning head, the other to the place where the wound should be. No wound. And the spinning stopped before Kai could throw up because of that. He noticed that he was on a roof - at least, it was high. Slowly getting steady and standing up, he noticed the Reaper right besides him. And looking down on himself, he saw the golden chord on his chest instead of the black one.
"So I'll evolve into a Grim Reaper in time. Well, just great. Beats dieing or working in a friggin jeans factory for the rest of time, for sure. My name is Kai Nostram. Yours, Master?" Kai asked now, reaching out a hand to the being who now took on human form.

Name of Power: Point Blank
Element: Wind
Effect: A special strike with the weapon, this skill needs a moment of focus. After that, the user strikes with blinding speed at the weakest spot of the side of the enemy that is facing the user, often seeming like rushing through the enemy, though normally they rush around him while striking. Going through solid matter hurts normally. Also, of no weak spot can be spotted, this skill is useless, because there is nothing to focus on.
Range: Close, melee fighting range, maximum three meters with sickle.
Limitations: Needs a visible weak point on the side that is facing the user, one post cooldown, slight charging time, so not useable in a quick exchange of hits.

Name of Power: Elysium
Element: Wind
Effect: Focusing wind around the users body, this creates a cutting shield around the user and his weapon. Once used, it looks like small whirls and tornados are going over the body of the user, cutting anything that comes in touch with them - mainly enemies, deflecting or weakening weapon blows and chopping flesh away like a razor knife.
Range: Body of the user
Limitations: One post charging time is needed to activate the shield. If the focus is broken somehow, the preparation was for nothing and it gets blocked for two posts. Once activated, it stays active for 4 posts and has three posts cooldown.

Name of Power: Blood Cutter
Element: Blood
Effect: This is a desperation move that can only be used once quite large amounts of blood have been lost and are either clinging to the body of Kai or on the ground somewhere. Using his Spirit, the user gains temporary control over his own blood, forming many small sickles from it and using it to unleash a furious striking barrage onto the target, before the user collapses and gets knocked out by the backdraft.
Range: Close to medium range onto target, maximum distance around 50 meters
Limitations: The fight has to seem impossible to win, large amounts of bloodloss are also needed. Once Kai gets knocked down, the next post can contain the charging process, which the enemy can notice and try to stop or not notice and be hit by surprise. It can't be used two posts AFTER Kai was knocked down, it has to be immedeatly. If it gets unleashed, the Blood Cutter is active for a maximum of three posts during which the body of Kai is standing in a crouched down position, looking onto the ground, seeing through his weapons. Three posts long, a specified number of Blood Sickles become the enemy to fight. They are able to use Point Blank.

Name of Power: Heaven Piercer
Element: Blood
Effect: Using blood from a small or big wound, a rather small looking amount of blood is telekinetically influenced to float over either his right or left hand. After that, Kai uses his own blood as a medium to consume elements from the atmosphere, creating even more blood, and crafting up to three spears out of hardened blood. The tips of these weapons are hard like diamond, being able to pierce steel with their sheer force. They are fired by moving the hand down, letting the fingers snap forward, or a similliar motion.
Limitations: A wound is needed to draw out the blood, this wound can be inflicted by the own weapon, however. A single spear does not need a charge up time, three spears need one post charge. After using, Kai has to wait a number of posts equalivent to the spears used till using it again.

Rp Sample: Things started to look bad. Well, according to Kai, they looked bad right from the beginning - but now, it was REAL bad. Two demons, both some kind of ogre monster thing with giant axes. And a human girl behind him that he tried to protect, just great. She was maybe around 10 years old, and her chord started to flicker now - to orange and even black. If these demons killed her, her soul would be lost forever... As an apprentice Reaper, he had to take these guys down. But he was already panting heavily, blood ran down his left arm, in his right he hold his sickle. Fenrir was off doing some demon obstructing himself, as they where threathening the very existance of Reapers.
Raising his weapon again into a fighting stance, he said with a low voice... "Once I start running towards them, get the fuck out of here, you hear me? Go running, no matter where to, but away from these giant stinking monsters." The girl nodded slightly, still in great fear and shock. These things had eaten their parents while beating up Kai like a ragdoll. Good think that he couldn't die. Bad thing that it still hurt like hell. Demons where truely the worst of the worst.
With a scream, Kai preshed forward again - the demons had the same idea, screaming a whole lot lower in voices and dashing towards them. Kai was maybe faster, but his small weapon really was no good in a straight out brawl against these giants - both where three times his size and had the body volumes of small elephants. But now, there was... distance.
Jumping upwards, his black weapon started to sparkle slightly. The girl behind him was running away already, and her chord was slowly regaining collor. Good. "Point Blank!" Dashing forward, he passed the right ogre-demon, attacking while doing so, dodging the dull axes with ease. The monster screeched, the blade had cut out his eyes and pierced the throat. If that didn't kill the thing, Kai was as good as... eaten. Dieing was not possible for him, but being eaten was clearly not a good thing.
And it really happened - the demon collapsed, the axe falling to the ground, black blood starting to flood the ground. But sadly, the other demon was not to happy about the death of his brother, and swung his axe from the side way to fast for Kai to dodge. Brining his own weapon in the way of it, he at least evaded being cut in two, as it flung him across the empty room and made him crash into the next wall. Caughing and crumbling with pain, he slowly got up again. The monster was now standing right infront of him, a giant mouth opened on the big stomach...
And it was cut in two with a giant scythe.
"Two more... dead. A girl escaped. Not a very good result, I guess..." Kai coughed. Man, that would take quite some time to heal...

Kai Nostra

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Post  Fenrir on Fri May 07, 2010 9:03 pm

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