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After the Demons and Angels warred, the world was destroyed. The pure cataclysmic destruction forced all the continents back into Pangea, and the oceans into one Super Ocean. Now, the Underworld's seal is broken, and Demons are being freed more and more. They want Earth back. The reapers can't have that. If that happens, they lose all reason for existence, and will most likely be destroyed. The angels purely want peace, and will gain it any way possible. Now, dragons are running amok as Abraham plots with Cortex, Demon General of war. What do they have planned? A new war is starting up. Fenrir, Uriel, and Akuma-Oni are desperate, and want their side to win no matter what. Whose side will you choose?



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Uriel The Righteous (Loki Arjan) [DONE]

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Uriel The Righteous (Loki Arjan) [DONE] Empty Uriel The Righteous (Loki Arjan) [DONE]

Post  Uriel//Loki on Tue Apr 20, 2010 2:58 pm

Angel Template

Angel Name:
Uriel the Righteous

Mortal Name:
Loki Arjan


In his Angel Form Uriel is a serious Angel usually taking thins serious depending on the subject. Uriel doesn't quit until he gets what he wants. He never takes danger too seriously and can be very humorous at the darkest times. Uriel also possess a seemingly arrogant personality, he is very passionate about his goals and will pursue them without a trace of fear, hesitation, or sometimes sense. Uriel can also be quick to anger especially if an Angel of a lower rank question his orders. He also has a strong sense of Justice and will bring Justice to those who need it. Although he is an Angel he loathes the Demon, but will only kill them if they had killed an innocent or is fighting one.

In his Human Guise Loki [Uriel] is a cool and calm person for the most part but can get easily pissed depending on what was said or done. He is generally a carefree, charismatic, and kind hearted person. Loki [Uriel] is also loyal to those he cares for and is a fun person to be around. He is also a pervert at times and loves women as much as he loves playing his guitar. He is also cocky and arrogant at times. Loki [Uriel] can get very serious when the time is called like when has to fight or someone threatens someone he cares for. While also in his Human Guise he makes sure that no one knows that he actually an angel named Uriel.

While in both forms he really enjoys eating sweets. He is especially fond of the Vanilla Caramel Sunday. While also in his human form he has taken up the religion of being a Roman Catholic as he likes their ideals and what they stand for. Both of his forms fighting capabilities are unmatched always planning several moves ahead of his opponents and make sure that he always has the upper hand. He also knows how to use his powers very well and uses them at the right time to make sure he ends the fights rather quickly.

Mortal Appearance:
Uriel The Righteous (Loki Arjan) [DONE] Snow2copy
He has shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. He stands at 6'2ft tall and wears a black bandanna on his head. He wears a long trench coat and blue scarf and black jeans and a pair of brown boots. He also wears two black gloves on each hand. Uriel also has a belt around his waist where he puts his guns on. The guns are located on his back.

Angel Appearance:
Uriel The Righteous (Loki Arjan) [DONE] Uriel_by_Wen_M
He has ear length blonde hair and blue eyes. He also stands at 6'2ft tall. There is a golden Halo behind his head. His armor is colored Blue and Black, and wields the sword Excalibur which he leaves on his back. Like most angels he has two wings the color of his hair and has a bit armor on them to protect it from attacks.

Weapon in Angel Form:
Look at the Angel Appearance for his weapon. His sword is named Excalibur and with it he can infuse with both light and dark elements making it a formidable weapon. it is roughly 5ft long with intricate designs. The blade is white with some black marks on it. The hilt is blue with black on it.

Weapon in Mortal Form:
Uriel The Righteous (Loki Arjan) [DONE] EBONY_and_IVORY
He carries two guns Ebony and Ivory. Ebony shoots out bullets made out of darkness while Ivory shoots out bullets made from Light.

Uriel was born 1950 years ago and was one of Abel fist son. He unlike his other siblings had the heart of a warrior and leader. As he was growing up he observed the demons and how they acted, and thus became disgusted in their ruthless barbaric ways. 150 years later Abel asked Uriel to come with him to set up a mutual agreement with Cain and his demon. Abel thought this would be good for Uriel to witness and that the Demons could be trusted. 25 years later Uriel helped Abel set up a hierarchy for the angels and thus became the first Seraphim.

275 years later Uriel saw that Life had created the mortals and noticed that mortals and demons could not live together. He then pleaded with his father to help him and fellow Angels banish the Demons to the Underworld and thus banished them to the Underworld. 5 years later Uriel fell in-love with an Angel named Belldandy. They had two children a boy name Adel and a girl named Urd. Uriel's wife was sent to the Middleworld to investigate a possible demon outbreak but she was never heard from again. This only makes Uriel's hatred towards the Demons even strong but knows that all life was created equal, and does nothing but raise his children.

As the years went by Uriel when he had the free time he would train his swordsmanship and created new abilities to better kill the Demons should a war ever start. When the year turned 1000 the first Angel, Demon war broke out with the Demons attack the Overworld and the Angels attack the Underworld. This battle went on for years and years until the final battle was taken place in the Overworld. Uriel made sure that his children who by now were more then old enough could fight alongside him told them to stay back and protect the City. His Daughter did what he had asked while his son decided he would fight the Demons. After the battle was over Uriel went to find Urd who was safe and had defended the City but he could not find his son no matter where he looked. He then had assume he was dead since the Demons would not take an prisoners.

Uriel stood at the Overworld as he watched the world begin to flood wiping away all life that was there. With much dismay he saw the Demons taking rule over the Middleworld again. As the mortals began to re-populate he noticed that Life had created Death or Reapers to make sure things stayed in balance. A years later Uriel lead an attack against the Demon Adolf Hitler and slaughter him and his followers. The Angels then began to look up to him for leadership and thus he became the Angels new leader.

Shifting to present day Uriel has heard rumors of an Angel walking down on Earth helping the demons. He believes that this Angel might be his lost son or perhaps his wife whom he misses so much. As the Leader of the Angels Uriel has ordered them to kill the Demons if they so much as harm an innocent life. Uriel has Gone down to Earth in a human guise and calls himself Loki Arjan hoping that he might find this Angel who is on Earth helping the Demons he prays everyday that this Angel might be his son or wife and hopes that he can bring them back to his side if not he has decided that he would kill them personally whether it be his son or wife or some Angel that he does not know of. He then recruited Humans who had no fear and would follow him killing Demons that attacked, and thus he started a mercenary or bounty hunter group.

Able to use Light and Dark powers, Ethereality, Invisibility (To mortals), Telepathy, Flight, Intangibility

Name of Power:
Seraph Orbs
Uriel will hold his sword in front of him and move it in a clockwise direction stopped at the 12 mark where then 7 orbs made of the Holy element will appear and follow the opponent until it hits the target.
15 meters
can be used once every two posts

Name of Power:
Hells Gate
Uriel Infuses his sword with the Dark element to increase the swords length and cutting power. While under this effect it can fire off powerful blasts of Dark Element
His words length
Can be used every post but at the 3rd post he has to stop using or else it will corrupt him.

Name of Power:
Dark and Light
A Phoenix made of Holy Energy and a Dragon made from Dark Energy appear at Uriel's side. They can either stay at his side and help defend him or he can send them towards his opponent cause a powerful explosion made from Holy and Dark. The blast has the power equal to that of a Hydrogen Bomb.
The explosion has a range of 35 meters. While the 'animals' have a range of 15 meters
Two posts to charge and can be used once every three posts

Rp Sample:
The sun was beginning to set and Uriel was down in Earth in his human guise. He stood there with a group of Human Bounty Hunters, and he was their leader. They had just finished killing a powerful Demon who was going ravaging villages, and Uriel also known as Loki decided to gather a group of Humans to hunt down this Demon in hopes of luring the Angel that is helping them. The Demon began to move but Uriel/Loki quickly jumped on top of him. He took out Ebony and Ivory, and pointed the guns to his head and said

"Nighty Nighty night Demon."

The gun shot was fired and bullets made of Holy and Dark element came from the gun killing the Demon once and for all. One of guys there yelled out 'Head Shot!' and began celebrating on another job well done. Uriel/Loki's group were quickly gaining fame and renown and Demons were quickly moving onto them to kill them when they felt that they were at their weakest but every time they did Uriel/Loki would quickly kill them with his Guns. Uriel/Loki looked down at the Demon and motioned for a sword big enough to cut off it's head. Uriel/Loki cut off the demons head and began to head back into town to get the reward. Once they reached town Uriel/Loki received the reward and gave it mostly to his group keeping just enough to make sure he wouldn't go hungry and would have a place to sleep.

The next day Uriel/Loki and his group of mercenaries left town and headed towards where he heard rumors from the Angels that the Angel has been spotted at the Mountains 20miles away from the town that he was staying in. As they were walking his group asked him why they were going towards the mountains and Uriel/Loki just said that there might be another Demon to kill who had a large bounty on his head. Once they arrived on the outskirts of the mountains Uriel/Loki's men began to feel a bit freaked out from the evil that was emitting from the mountains he looked at them and said.

"Those of you who are too scared stay behind I don't want you dieing on me, those of you who aren't lets go."

Uriel/Loki made his way up until he found a cave and out of the five men that were with him only two followed behind him. He then put his hands behind his back and pulled out his guns a he went in paying close attention to his surroundings. He was rather disappointed as he had hoped he would've finally found the Angel that he has been looking for. Uriel/Loki and his men heard a loud roar coming deep within the cave and quickly fire went rushing towards them. Uriel/Loki quickly took cover behind a large rock while his two men were charred to a crisp. The Demon came forth and was shaped as a dragon and began taunting Uriel/Loki. He quickly got angered by the Demon and proceeded to come form behind the rock at a quick speed and began shooting at it. his guns were having minimum effect as the Demon was taking advantage of hiding behind the rocks.

"Well then I guess you are stronger then the Demons I've killed before. So I guess I have no choice then go into my true form and kill with my blade."

The Demon then began to taunt Uriel even more until Uriel had turned into his Angel form. The Demon then realized who he was dealing with and began begging for mercy, and to let him live. Uriel thought why should he let him live the Demons do nothing but destroy and kill. With a quick clean cut Uriel had severed the Demons head off, and quickly turned into his human form. He walked out of the cave carrying his comrades weapons in one hand and the demons head on the other hand. Once he had reached the bottom and saw his comrades waiting for him he sadly told them that Max and Sergei were dead but their deaths weren't in vain as Uriel/Loki had killed the demon. They had back into town and showed that they had killed the demon that was in-charge of the other Demons in the area and as usual they got paid and decided to relax. Uriel on the other hand instead of drinking he ate his Caramel Vanilla Sunday while his comrades got drunk as Uriel would never get drunk from the alcohol had no effect on his body.


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Uriel The Righteous (Loki Arjan) [DONE] Empty Re: Uriel The Righteous (Loki Arjan) [DONE]

Post  Fenrir on Thu Apr 22, 2010 12:49 pm




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