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After the Demons and Angels warred, the world was destroyed. The pure cataclysmic destruction forced all the continents back into Pangea, and the oceans into one Super Ocean. Now, the Underworld's seal is broken, and Demons are being freed more and more. They want Earth back. The reapers can't have that. If that happens, they lose all reason for existence, and will most likely be destroyed. The angels purely want peace, and will gain it any way possible. Now, dragons are running amok as Abraham plots with Cortex, Demon General of war. What do they have planned? A new war is starting up. Fenrir, Uriel, and Akuma-Oni are desperate, and want their side to win no matter what. Whose side will you choose?



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Post  THE LEGION on Mon May 10, 2010 11:45 pm

Legion of Mann

96-65 years of age (The formation of legion began in 1914, however it was not until the year 1943 that it fully formed and gained a proper sentience)

In battle Legion is a terrible fury. They strike hard and fast, and attack continuously until either the unstoppable force, or the immovable object has been proven to be a falsity fabricated with the intent of creating fear and obedience. Born from the fury of the great wars Legion is a being which views its very existence on any plane as war, and as such it strives to expand all war thus making its existence whole and complete. Before war. There is no legion.

Legion has no love of romance. For it is already entrapped in an eternal dance with war, each driving the other to larger and greater limits. It hates humanity and demonity for its creation and loves them for its existence, abhors them for their love and adores them for their love of war. It loathes the angels for their forgiveness, and is entranced by their fanaticism. It adores the reapers as the drive its being with the war time dead, yet is disgusted as they send those dead into peace. The Legion loves war, and hates war.

The Legion finds joy in the colors of war. The brown of the mud that fills the trenches and drowns the soldiers. The green of the camouflaged uniforms and painted guns. The red of innocent blood spilt in the name of war. The yellow of chlorine gas as it seeps into the lungs. The blues, blacks, whites, and greys of smoke that fills the air. It hates the colours of peace. The dark tint of freshly tilled farm soil. The lush colours of fields of grass. The vibrant colour of roses. The golden hue of the gentle sun. The colours that fill the sky as the clouds gather and leave for rain and sun alike.

The legion loves all and hates all, for everything is a reason for war and war is a path to eventual peace.

Mortal Appearance:
Legion's human appearance is that of a tall, and well muscled adult. The most peculiar thing about this appearance is the near lack of any body fatness. It is sickly pale, with scarred skin and sunken eyes. The combination of these features has left legion with a rather frightening visage in its human form. Unifying these traits is its standard of dress, preferring only to were uniforms from the period of the great wars.

Demon Appearance:
Inhumanly tall and broad, in its demon form legion literally appears as a beast of hell on earth. With its weapons fused irrevocably into its shoulders and and its quasi-human legs further certifying this image. Coupled with its tusked face and three fingered claws, legion is established as an unholy sight to behold.

Weapon in Demon Form: see demon form picture.

Weapon in Mortal Form:
THE LEGION Arme_allemande_mauser_kar_98_k
THE LEGION Lee-enfield_000

I...exist? But there is nothing here only darkness; no sound, no light, I live within a void of nothingness...More have come they see me, we cling together hoping for comfort in this...oblivion. There are so many of us here, too many, a thousand voices crying, a thousand voices raging! The thunderous roar of the explosions, the silent splashes of tears falling...

There is only one here now, the void is filled beyond full...uncontained, it is crushed into a form so small.We open our eyes, the mud has filled them, we scrape them clean, the blood leaks from them we make it dry...That noise, a thunderous roar, artillery. It makes our hearts beat, all 10,000 of them, but the roar is silenced. We see soldiers...they...they're disarming...NO, THE WAR DOESN'T END UNTIL WE SAY IT DOES!!

We move. Sprinting. Climbing. Clawing. ATTACK! MAIM! KILL! We twist off a soldier's head and take his form, unseen. Raising his rifle we aim and fire again and again and again. It jams. We charge beating soldiers to death with a broken gun. They attack us, then each other, then themselves. We grin as the bullets tear into us, we grin as we tear apart another soldier this one looks different. Taking his form and weapon, we shoot others, the gun jams. They see us change. They all attack us. We are overwhelmed, we fall, tumble, crash. Stopped we look back as our form ripples like water. Stretched wide, cut open the pain sears through our flesh, we grow. The guns merge with a pair of artillery cannons, we merge with the guns.

With a roar we stand and stare out over those left alive. They shriek in terror, some cross themselves. Others fall to their knees and cry. Bullets tear into us from the brave few, with a humid breath we exhale a cloud of gas. Some pull on their masks others don't, it seeps behind the seals against their faces. Climbing down into their lungs it tears them apart, blood and puss fills the masks and burst with tremendous force out the sides. They're all dead.

With a wretched cry we ripple again and collapse into ourselves. A dark uniform covers us, and a skull like face stares at us from a nearby puddle. WE HATE IT! It loves us, it is us, we hate us. Scowling we drive our foot into the puddle grinning as the image is destroyed, and a thousand separate faces grin through the ripples. We...are...legion.

Powers: Now here is the tricky part. Your character's powers must conform to the Demon standards. Read the Demon information on what those powers can be. If this is your first character, you have a limit of three (3) abilities with that power. Please put it in this format if need be.

Name of Power: Breath of the legion.
Effect: Air is absorbed through legions skin and expelled through the mouth as a corrosive gas. The gas will seep around seals and flow through complicated passages towards organic material.
Range: The cloud is exhaled to a point up to five feet away, and spreads out in a ten foot cloud.
Limitations: Usable thrice per post. two post cool down.

Name of Power: Bones of the legion.
Effect: Any solid substance is absorbed and converted into finger bones, these new bones force the old ones out through the skin and they are then used as ammunition for either of the mortal form weapons.
Range: Touch, and range of mortal form weapons.
Limitations: Requires weapons to be used in combat. Usable five times per post (to generate five bones)

Name of Power: Flesh of the legion.
Effect: Any solid substance is absorbed and converted into flesh castoff which fills the demon form weapons. The flesh clings to and constricts on what it strikes.
Range: Demon form weapon range.
Limitations: Usable twice per post. one post cool-down.

Rp Sample:
Staring from the top of the tower, the Legion grinned. Its right eye could clearly see the distant politician as he spoke for peace, a product of the lenses it had merged into it for this occasion. Staring down the iron sights, it petted its gun and waited. The strike must be perfectly timed, to strike and frame another faction. As the politician began to shout louder, and the crowd cheered, the Legion pulled the trigger. In seconds the hammer slammed into the bone of the finger, causing it to explode with a great concussive force. The very tip left the barrel of its rifle, sailed through the open air, and struck down the politician two miles away.

Two weeks have passed now. Civil war has erupted in full swing, the city is in chaos, the country not far behind. The Legion? The Legion sits on a lawn chair in a public park watching as the two factions attempt to choke the other to death. Grinning broadly it waves to a member of the free press that is recording the situation, the reporter stares shocked at the insane "man" sitting in a war-zone, drinking a beer. Her eyes go wide as she sees the man pull out a rifle from behind the chair and aim at her. Turning she shrieks for her camera man to run. Two shots are fired, her knees are destroyed; a third bursts through her chest, tearing her shirt wide open on live television and revealing the gaping hole that an insane man grins through. Two more shots destroy the camera mans knees, he falls screaming.

Standing from his chair the Legion advances on the fallen man, his weapons, his children, slung over his shoulders by the tanned strips of flesh that holds them. With every step his grin morphs into a scowl, until pure rage covers his face as he lifts the camera and points it at the fallen, crying man. Lifting his foot, he stomps again and again until the mans head explodes, like a ripe melon beneath his boot. Dropping the camera to the ground with less than a care, Legion turned and found its gaze captured by the corpse of the reporter. Advancing on the cadaver, it dropped to its knees and tore of the body's clothing before removing its own from the waist down and proceeded to ravage the corpse. As this occurred the discarded camera broadcast the images worldwide, as everyone was too shocked to do anything other than watch.

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