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After the Demons and Angels warred, the world was destroyed. The pure cataclysmic destruction forced all the continents back into Pangea, and the oceans into one Super Ocean. Now, the Underworld's seal is broken, and Demons are being freed more and more. They want Earth back. The reapers can't have that. If that happens, they lose all reason for existence, and will most likely be destroyed. The angels purely want peace, and will gain it any way possible. Now, dragons are running amok as Abraham plots with Cortex, Demon General of war. What do they have planned? A new war is starting up. Fenrir, Uriel, and Akuma-Oni are desperate, and want their side to win no matter what. Whose side will you choose?



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Post  koger227 on Mon May 03, 2010 8:21 pm

Name: Koger Kingston
Age: Me..? Yea i dided at the age of 32... Been daed and walking the spirit world for about 12 years now...
Personality: In a fight? Im the guy who doesn't loss his cool. I make calm intellegent decisions and beat my opponent at every turn. What can i say it works.. Out of battle my allies have called me calm and calculated. I know how to relax unlike some of the other numb-skulls. Being able to chill and calm your mind is key to being completley focused in battle. You wanna know a little bit about me? Here it is.. I like to train.. a lot. Nuff said. If im not relaxing and calming my nerves im trianing. Bettering myself you might say. You see i believe you can never reach your "max potential". So i am always training and becoming better through what some call "unconventional" methods. But thats kool cause thats just me and i really dont give a shit.
Mortal Appearance: Im 5' 11" and pretty slim. Hair is a spikes. Im white and i dress like a punk. Jean jacket vest, metal band patches, spikes, army boots.. the whole nine yards.
Reaper Appearance: I wear a deep purple cloak with an overlylarge hood. My boney hands and wrist come out of my sleeves but thats it. My face is covered in a shroud of shadows and is never revealed. There is a a shadowy skull with red eyes imprinted on the back of my cloak.
Weapon in Reaper Form:
Weapon in Mortal Form:
Rp Sample:


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