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After the Demons and Angels warred, the world was destroyed. The pure cataclysmic destruction forced all the continents back into Pangea, and the oceans into one Super Ocean. Now, the Underworld's seal is broken, and Demons are being freed more and more. They want Earth back. The reapers can't have that. If that happens, they lose all reason for existence, and will most likely be destroyed. The angels purely want peace, and will gain it any way possible. Now, dragons are running amok as Abraham plots with Cortex, Demon General of war. What do they have planned? A new war is starting up. Fenrir, Uriel, and Akuma-Oni are desperate, and want their side to win no matter what. Whose side will you choose?



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Lucifer of the Morningstar

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Lucifer of the Morningstar Empty Lucifer of the Morningstar

Post  Lucifer on Mon May 03, 2010 8:50 am

Name: Lucifer of the Morningstar, Lucifiel The Beautiful, Lucifer the 'Fallen Angel', He who must not be named! (I can see it now, Urufu is going to flip Harry Potter)
Age: 1810
Personality: Lucifer for the most part is a malicious hating man who despises humans and loaths for them to be eradicated from the world. He usually doesn't get along very well with anyone who decides to stand against him, and for the most part wouldn't hesitate to kill anyone. Despite his birth right to love and care for all races, he absolutely hates how the world is and how retarded the angels are for bowing to the likes of mortals, and he hates how the demons can't do anything but kill.

When out of battle and around his followers he is rather calm and calculative, though most know that he can be cruel and malicious if need be and there for when he gives them a look they cower. He does not take disrespect and if someone disrespects them he orders one of the reapers he has to end their life and send them to their judgment. During the years that he has been on earth he has developed a taste for blood and there for he drinks the blood of his victims who commit murder. This is usually a lot as he finds Fury/Wrath to be one of the better sins to inflict upon the humans.

He also enjoys tormenting humans and forcing them to do his bidding. He would do absolutely anything in his power to make a human do something wrong or make them do something as bad as murder or rape someone. He often at times watches as his 'Sins' do the work for him, he can be rather lazy at times as well. Since he has a large base of followers he for the most part doesn't have to do any work, though at times he gets bored and goes out torturing the humans or even angels or Demons that wander onto his territory.

When in battle he changes completely, he is a blood thirsty maniac. However do not let this facade fool you, he is truly trying to throw you off into thinking that he is blood thirsty. In his mind he is still rather sane and is thoroughly imagining several different ways to torture you or end your life. He has nearly no favorite color but if one had to guess it would be black or red due to his obsession with blood and hsi black leather clothes that he wears at all times. He rarely eats, and when he does its usually the carcass of a human cooked by his favorite Sin, Lust (Aruset).

Mortal Appearance: Lucifer, or better known in the overworld as Lucifiel, in human form is quiet easy really. He has shoulder length black hair with piercing red eyes that glow even in the darkest of areas. He stands at six foot Three Inches and has a scar over his left eye. He usually wears black leather clothing and a White T-Shirt when in the mortal realm, It fits his truly dark personality. Finally it might be well known that he carries around a small rapier on his back that is hidden beneath his leather coat that he usually wears.
Lucifer of the Morningstar Lucifer5

Angel Appearance: Lucifer when in angel form is a bit more complex then human form. His skin turns flawless and six black wings appear going evenly down both sides of him three on the left three on the right. His halo that is usually there forms crooked and instead of yellow it turns completely black with a red outline to it. He still wears the black leather coat over his body but now it is closed instead of opened. His voice becomes rather deep and sinister and his Scelera turn black while his cornia and Iris turn completely red. Out of his head sprout two demonic horns that were given to him as punishment for abandoning the overworld and for his hate instead of love.
Lucifer of the Morningstar Lucifer_of_Angel_Sanctuary_by_maverickwarrior

Weapon in Angel Form:
Lucifer of the Morningstar Dsc_72981
Devil Sword
Weapon in Mortal Form:
Lucifer of the Morningstar Rapier3
Dalmascus Seraph


Lucifer was created (Or born) Lucifiel, as one of the first three angels ever created by Abel. He showed great promise and was shown to have an adept sense in the powers of Light and Darkness. However unlike the other two angels he was born with six mighty and magnificent wings, These wings were the source of much jealousy for the other two angels, for it seemed that Abel favored Lucifiel. Of course, being the first three angels to be created by Abel, all three were flawed and unrefined, this caused Lucifer to get bullied and picked on for most of his young life. Lucifer hated that, however as the three grew older and wiser the bullying began to stop as they realized that Abel loved them all. However Lucifer always held that retaining hate for those two, which budded soon after Life created Mortals.

The Defection
Soon Life created mortals in the image of Angels, This didn't roll over well with Lucifer as he deemed Angels the perfect beings and there for should never be allowed to be copied by such lower life forms. However he retained hope that Life would fix the problem, What truly drove Lucifer over the deep end was the day that Abel delivered Life's will to the angels. He asked that the angels cater and care to the mortals as if they were there own and protect them with their lives. Lucifer in a blind rage left the Overworld and decided to prove to Abel and Life just how faulty humans are and how they deserve to be eradicated from the planet.

The Journey
Lucifer soon after went down to the Middle world and began tempting humans into doing bad things using his charisma, looks, and anything else at his disposal. This quickly gained the notice of many of the races and he quickly became very well known. Of course, He made sure that he was never around when one of the higher angels or higher demons entered the Middle world. Soon he had an influx of followers known as the Lucifiets, Followers who believed in Lucifer and his mighty powers and that he was better then Life and Abel. This suited Lucifer just fine as he was making his point to Abel that such scum wasn't worth having in these realms.

Soon he met up with two young demon girls who were twins, Tesura and Aruset. These two were great fans of his work and there for asked if they could become his followers. He hesitated, but soon agreed and he took Aruset and Tesura back to the world of the living and from there made them two of his 'Seven Deadly Sins' and named their sin names Lust (Aruset) and Greed (Tesura). Which fit both of their personalities rather well.

Ever since returning from the underworld the Demons for the most part have left him alone and he has gathered so many followers that he is beginning to make a rather big difference in the middle world. He has gathered demons to his cause as well as reapers and has filled the slots of his seven deadly sins. The mortals fear him, The demons respect him, and the angels just watch on as he does his job refusing to get in between him and his goal. Lucifer has begun a new era, a era of the eradication of men, the era where he will rule over the middle world.


Name of Power: Shadow Manipulation
Element: Darkness
Effect: Using this power that is strictly special to Lucifer, He can manipulate a Mortal or lower level angel/demon's heart to his whim. He searches through the darkness that is in everyones heart and pulls out those naughty things that someone shouldn't do. He developed this power to further aid his cause to prove how futile human beings are.
Range: Has to be within 50 feet.
Limitations: Anyone that is a higher rank then he is is unaffected by this ability.

Name of Power: Light Transformation
Element: Light
Effect: Using the power of light Lucifer shrouds himself in another guise, this one isn't particularly physical however if done right it could give the illusion that it is physical if he can make a guise of the same gender and body mass that he is.
Range: Passive
Limitations: Only lasts a total of 3 hours (7 Pages)

Name of Power: Shroud of Shadows
Element: Darkness
Effect: By using his enhanced power of darkness he can manipulate shadows into forming physically painful tendrils. These tendrils can be used for several different things including sneaking under doors to unlock them, fighting, lifting him up off the ground, protecting him, ect.
Range: 6 feet, And can form up to 3 tendrils at one time until he gets stronger.
Limitations: Short Range, Can be beaten with light based abilities.

Rp Sample:

Lucifer found himself sitting once more on the edge of a building looking down at the pathetic race called mortals that Life and Abel so greatly loved more then their angels. He took a moment to look away then heard a scream before looking down and following the scream to the alleyway across the street. He curiously watched as three men took advantage of a hopeless female, the feeling of watching those mortals fuck themselves over was oh so great, he didn't even have to work to get them to fuck themselves over.

He took a moment to stand and then leaped off the building landing in a crouch on the sidewalk down before. Some people looked at him rather weird but easily recognized who he was so they ran away quickly, and subtly. He watched them, two teenage girls, one was pregnant, another sin. His eyes closed as he grind a rather sadistic grin before turning back and watching the rape as it happened. He had always wondered why humans, something created by the same thing that created angels, could be so cruel.

He slowly shook his head before crossing his arms and slowly beginning to walk across the street. He reached behind him and slowly withdrew the rapier from underneath his coat. Before the three men knew what happened he had sliced their throats and the woman was free. He watched as she groveled to him thanking him oh so graciously for saving her. He however had different thing in mind, he reached down and picked her up by her neck lifting her far off the ground which activated the choking feeling of asphyxiation. "...What a whore you are getting off to being choked...I think you enjoyed being raped." He said in that dull annoyed voice of his.

She began pleading and saying that it was not true as if he didn't know this, It was true and her body showed it even if her mind wouldn't. "You lied to me, looks like the angels will judge you today woman." She screamed out as he jerked his hand cracking her neck with relevant ease. He dropped her down next to her rapists before slowly turning and beginning to walk away. Back towards the place he and his followers stayed. "This is going to be a long day...Better stop and get some bodies on the way home..." He muttered quietly under his breath. He took a moment to look up at the sky before smirking at it and continuing his walk, disappearing down the cold dark alleyway.

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Lucifer of the Morningstar Empty Re: Lucifer of the Morningstar

Post  Fenrir on Mon May 03, 2010 5:48 pm

Just a few things. A) Your weapon can't be from hell, nor enhance your powers. All it is is a weapon. B) I need the number of tendrils you can create using Shroud of Shadows.

Also, A bit of your limits are too high for your power level. Lower them a smidge, and you should be good.


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