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After the Demons and Angels warred, the world was destroyed. The pure cataclysmic destruction forced all the continents back into Pangea, and the oceans into one Super Ocean. Now, the Underworld's seal is broken, and Demons are being freed more and more. They want Earth back. The reapers can't have that. If that happens, they lose all reason for existence, and will most likely be destroyed. The angels purely want peace, and will gain it any way possible. Now, dragons are running amok as Abraham plots with Cortex, Demon General of war. What do they have planned? A new war is starting up. Fenrir, Uriel, and Akuma-Oni are desperate, and want their side to win no matter what. Whose side will you choose?



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~~Yuki~~The Demon~~ Empty ~~Yuki~~The Demon~~

Post  ~~Yuki~~ on Sun Apr 25, 2010 6:48 pm

Here is my chara hope u like ^^

Name: Yuki Koori Hiyaritoshita .A.K.A (to mortals) The one who Stalks you

Age:233. Mortal form he looks about 12

Personality: A stalking personally. The things that aggravate you he will do just to torture you. Countless time he has stalked the mortals as one of them, then killing them. Hunting the mortal his favourite sport I think so.
There is a good side to him. The people he meets as friends in the mortal world, will not die by his hands. They will be sired or he will allow that person to contract him. Being tamed wont stop him from mindlessly killing people.
Once blood has been shed he will instantly join the fight. The angles blood, brings the most pleasure to him. Death soon awaits this poor lost angle as he runs to kill it. He’s smart enough to think about what will happen if he runs to kill it.
At least some kindness is in his blood. Loved ones and friends are treated like royalty. The kindness ranges from killing someone to simple tasks.

Mortal Appearance: ~~Yuki~~The Demon~~ Anime+guys+_107_The mortal appearance is that of a 12 year old with dark red serious eyes. His skin smooth and convincing that it may even compare to a babies. Medium black hair that’s darker then jet black. Sharp eye teeth that kind of show under his top lip. He prefers to were semi tight shirts and tight pants. Never zips up his jacket
DemonAppearance:~~Yuki~~The Demon~~ The_Jager_Wolf_by_Novawuff-1 A werewolf shaped body structure. The Eye teeth are the longest and sharpest of all of them. Large bat wings coming from his back. Blood stained feet, mouth and hands. Stands at 6’6 and weighs 233 pounds

Weapon in Demon Form: Fangs claws wings

Weapon in Mortal Form: Sharp eye teeth, To scars wear the wings should be. And semi sharp nails

History: Born from a War demon father and a Krull mother. He lived in a family that treated everyone equally, even the humans. But as he started to grow up more his parents started think humans were horrible beings that caused them ranks. He then started to feel more hatred to humans but still felt there are some decent humans above them.

His parents let out to the war that was between angles and the demons. The massager came with word of his parents killed by Gabriel the angle. He felt furious he vowed there on the spot he would kill any angle that crossed his path. He left to the training grounds an started training there for 112 years until he learned his skills and was aloud to the world above.

A incantation was made by a mortal and he was summoned. A scream was heard from the girl who summoned him. He had killed her on the spot. Death soon awaited that small town.

For 90 years he stalked the people of the town then killing them. All were died as he walked out of the town licking his fangs with an evil smirk. He only spared A little girl named Gela. The girl was only about 3 months old so he felt it in his heart to find her a home.

He made it to the next town with in mortal form and with a baby in his arms. He saw some nice houses but he knew that the reapers were watching them as there cords with almost black. So he left the town with disappointment. The town light up in flames behind as he sighed.

The next town was by a nice hill side village. He felt some luck as he walked by the nice a nice house with a young couple that wanted a baby. That night he rang the doorbell with Gela in a basket he ran away from the town knowing she was in good hands.

He spend many years traveling until he came around a city that seemed to be natural territory. He spent his 31 years of his never ending life to go to school and hunt and prey on humans. He meet a few angles on the way, but they were easily killed because they were demi angles.

He now spends his day switching between the underworld and earth. He is currently in hiding from angles so he stays in human form.

Powers: Blood

Power: Blood Manipulation
Name: Blood Claws
Effect: Has to have blood stored. His claws slowly start to cover with blood and get longer and sharper. And then becomes a solid. Gives more powerful melee attack
Range: Melee they can grow up to 30cm each claw
Limitations: Needs blood that he drank previously. Takes 3 turn so they can become a solid and be at full length. stays like that for 4 posts then melts away. He needs at least 1L of blood to use this agene.

Power: Blood Lust
Name: Blood Lust
Effect: Increases movement speed and attack speed. Eyes glow red and a evil aura around him can be felt from 100km away.If a red moon or harvest moon is full and visable.This skill increses
Range: The person using the skill
Limitations: He must be losing the battle or there is major blood lust. It lasts for 3 battle posts.

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~~Yuki~~The Demon~~ Empty Re: ~~Yuki~~The Demon~~

Post  ~~Yuki~~ on Sun Apr 25, 2010 7:40 pm

Other half

Power: Blood Spikes
Name: Blood Rise
Effect: Cut wrists leaving a puddle of blood. When saying blood rise the blood spikes up to 4 meters and every direction
Range: Blood puddle is a meter big. The spikes are up to 4 meters long
Limitations: Needs blood 1L. The puddle stays for 3 posts. Spikes come up for 2.

Rp Sample: Yuki was following a young pretty but lost girl. The moon was up and he was waiting for her to walk by the bush he was sitting in. The girl felt odd as she walked by the bush he had been sitting in.

Yuki jumped out and grabbed her hen putting his hand over her mouth to keep her quite. His fangs grew longer as he arched her neck on a sharp angle showing her vain. He sunk his teeth deep into the vain and slowly started to suck her dry as he felt her life force drain to nothing. He dropped her and left as he heard a reaper come from behind.

Yuki them songs: Stare Down-Song of strom and fire
Battle-In the Shadows
Being a normal human-Move Along
Like a Mortal or Sireing a Mortal-Kissy Kissy
Stalking Someone-Our Quintiom Silince

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