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After the Demons and Angels warred, the world was destroyed. The pure cataclysmic destruction forced all the continents back into Pangea, and the oceans into one Super Ocean. Now, the Underworld's seal is broken, and Demons are being freed more and more. They want Earth back. The reapers can't have that. If that happens, they lose all reason for existence, and will most likely be destroyed. The angels purely want peace, and will gain it any way possible. Now, dragons are running amok as Abraham plots with Cortex, Demon General of war. What do they have planned? A new war is starting up. Fenrir, Uriel, and Akuma-Oni are desperate, and want their side to win no matter what. Whose side will you choose?



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Post  Orijama on Sat Apr 24, 2010 10:00 pm

Name: Orijama of God-Knows-Where

Age: 235

Personality: Orijama is a very well educated person. Rumor has it, he knows everything about anything, and he even eludes to that himself from time to time. He is a slightly self conceited person, thinking himself to be above most people. He does his best to have people think he is better than they are. Unlike most people who are like this, he is not like this because he is insecure. He firmly beleives it.
In battle, Orijama can be quite cruel. He kills his opponent as slowly and painfully as he can. Another rumor going around says that he once killed an opponent by shaving them into mulecularly thin slices (which he alledgedly ate in front of his victim's eyes) until after weeks of doing so, he hit something vital.
Because of Orijama's personality, he doesn't have many friends. He feels that friendship is a sign of weakness, and that any true warrior would be able to live their lives without having to be "friends" with anyone.

Mortal Appearance: In his mortal form, Orijama wears black jeans that are ripped t the bottom and a black leather jacket over a black T-shirt. He wears a black studded belt and black studded gloves. His skin is deeply tanned and his hair is a black mess. His eyeballs are completly yellow and give off a faint glow. He has a tattoo for the symbol of death in a long lost language on his forehead. He is roughly six foot five and weighs 190 pouunds.

Reaper Appearance: Orijama wears a monk-like robe with a collar instead of a hood. On his back is a scroll that alledgedly tells of the end of the world. The arms of his robe are torn and tatterewd at the end. He has a bag at his side that is said to hold bone fragments of his enemies throughout the years. The fingers on his left hand appear to be almost melted together. His right arm is a long tentacle with sharp suckers on it. His head is alm ost triangular in shape, and his eyes are like slits. His right eye glows yellow and his left eye is milky colored, like that of a blind person. His upper chest and neck are white and have severe burns on them, as is the left side of his face. The right side is pitch black, save for his eye. He wears a hat not unlike the generic wizard hat. The only difference is that it has the same symbol that is on his mortal form's forehead on the front of it. No one knows what the rest of his body looks like. All they know is that when he walks with his right leg, it makes a loud thudding sound and sometimes breaks or cracks the ground he's standing on. His left leg makes no sound. He is the same height as gis mortal form but is now weightless.(PIC COMING SOON)

Weapon in Reaper Form: In his reaper form, Orijama weilds a staff with the bottom pointed. The wood looks rotten and easy to break, but is actually extremely strong. The top part of the staff is an axe. The blades of the axe almost have a mind of their own. They curl up and shoot out whenever they feel the need. Whenever Orijama attacks an enemy with the axe, the blades sometimes embed themselves iside the opponent's flesh.

Weapon in Mortal Form: In mortal form, Orijama's axe takes the form of the tattoo on his forehead.

History: When the humans began to become too numerous, the reapers were created to help keep the numbers down. One of these original reapers was Orijama. MORE COMING SOON


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