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After the Demons and Angels warred, the world was destroyed. The pure cataclysmic destruction forced all the continents back into Pangea, and the oceans into one Super Ocean. Now, the Underworld's seal is broken, and Demons are being freed more and more. They want Earth back. The reapers can't have that. If that happens, they lose all reason for existence, and will most likely be destroyed. The angels purely want peace, and will gain it any way possible. Now, dragons are running amok as Abraham plots with Cortex, Demon General of war. What do they have planned? A new war is starting up. Fenrir, Uriel, and Akuma-Oni are desperate, and want their side to win no matter what. Whose side will you choose?



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Post  Fenrir on Mon Apr 19, 2010 6:26 pm

Name: Fenrir Anzus
Age: 16
Personality: Fenrir is an intelligent, playful being. He loves to have fun, but he knows when to be serious, and not take everything for granted. During battle, he usually uses a Slice-First, Think-about-the-consequences-later attitude, though that doesn't mean he doesn't know how. He is very resourceful, and loves Nature. If he can't protect those he loves, he feels completely useless, and will train harder every chance he gets to find a way to protect them. He is your classic White Knight. Hell-bent on protecting everything and all, he will let nothing stand in his way. Incredibly selfless, it is his major downfall. If one knows him, even through reputation, it would be incredibly easy to exploit this.

Not a lot of people make the requirements to becoming his friends, however. Fenrir is slightly demented in the fact that he hates nearly everyone. He has been shown that people are selfish, ignorant, obnoxious, etc, and views them as food more then anything else.

For religious purposes, he chose the path of the Wiccan. The nature witch, as some may call them. Just because he hates people, doesn't mean he hates everything. He has a vast love for nature and all of it's inhabitants. He is at peace the most when he is in the forest, or something woodsy, surrounded by his beasty brotherin. His Zodiac Sign is Dog, his Astrology sign is Aries, and his favorite color is white. He holds it in high regards, because it resembles both a purity, something unscathed by anything else. Also, it can show a white hot, inner rage, something he himself holds.

His favorite foods are just about anything and everything. He loves to consume all that he can lay his hands on. He will only drink water though, be that as it may.

Mortal Appearance: Fenrir Anzus 67df0708
Fenrir is very distinguishable. He wears only black. A pair of black dress pants, shoes, and shirt adorn his body, the top button of the shirt popped open. In this form, a silver Pentagram necklace adorns his neck on a black chain.

His lithe, white skin is in direct contrast to this, as well as his cold blue eyes and black hair.He has a soft face and physique, very light and lean. Almost no muscle is visible on his form. His black hair is unruly and long, pointing in many directions in thick spikes, sweeping to the left, slightly. He is 5'11, and weighs 160 pounds.

Reaper Appearance: Fenrir Anzus Cf67535b In his Reaper form, Fenrir's body melts away, leaving only the bones. Ashy white and cold, they make up his form. Covering this is a heavy black cloak, which obscures his face. His eyes, now Red and sharp, pierce through the cloak. The cloak is very
basic, with nearly no trim or tassels. The sleeve endings are quite wide and spacious, his bony fingers obscured by the black, gaping maw. He is 6'2 in this form, and weighs 30 pounds. Completely skeletal under the cloak, he is as most reapers are. Generic.

Weapon in Reaper Form: A long staff, roughly six foot tall made of gnarled, twisted wood. The wood is wrapped in blood soaked bandages, and a chain ejects from the blade base and wraps loosely around the scythe. The blade itself is about two feet long, and soaked in blood so permanently it looks like rush at the bottom half. (see Mortal Appearance)

Weapon in Mortal Form: In his Mortal form, the Scythe takes on the appearance of his Silver Pentacle necklace with the black chain.

History: Fenrir was born to regular parents in a regular home, and had a regular life. He went to school, had few friends (He was the weird kid), and had a boring life. He hated it quite a bit. There was absolutely nothing he could do. No matter what he did, it just didn't seem to matter to anyone. He had no positive attitude at that time. At times, he disappeared for weeks, and his parents didn't care. "Let kids be kids." They said, and went back to their lives. None of it mattered though. When Death came, it was all for naught.

Speaking of Death, he finally did show up. When Fenrir was 14, he contracted the Ebola virus. He had 24 hours to live. He was in the hospital when it happened.He began to see something strange. A black chord was ejecting from his chest. Falling to his knees, the hospital gown around him started to whip around him, as did his hair. It was as if a hurricane were before him. His eyes were shut tightly against his skull, which was pounding with a ferocious storm.

"Open your eyes, kid.." Standing before him was none other then Thanatos. Revealing that he was the Leader of the Reapers, he explained about everything. Fenrir was particularly interested in Siring. Forget being Reborn, sign him up for Apprenticeship. Agreeing to this, The boy became Thanatos' personal assistant. Training the boy to become one of his own, Fenrir became an immortal. Training hard, he hoped to one day become a full fledged Reaper.

Finally, at 15 years old, he evolved from Immortal. He was now a Reaper. Celebrating, he went down to earth to visit his grave. Appearing in Mortal form, his parents nearly had a heart attack. Their chords even flickered black for a moment! Sighing, he called in a friend to wipe their memories. Leaving the middleworld, he no longer felt so happy that he was a reaper. Going on a reaping rampage, he worked hard for a year after that, and rose the ranks quickly.

Taking a break, he knew what needed to be done. He was informed that Thanatos couldn't fight anymore. He had been stripped of his powers, and was stuck with Amnesia in mortal form on earth. Taking over the Reaper Faction, he readied his troops for war. When it came, they would be better. One of Fenrir's newest thoughts in contrast to his old life? He isn't bored anymore.


Name of Power: Wind Cutter
Element: Wind
Effect: Slashing any appendage or tool, be it his hand, foot, scythe, etc, A cut of wind escapes from the edge and slashes towards his target.
Range: 5 meters squared. The cut is a half foot wide, one inch deep, and 3 feet long. Crescent shaped.
Limitations: Can only be used Once every two posts, but three times in that post.

Name of Power: Wolf Flare
Element: Wind
Effect: Slashing his blade in a spiral, a Wolf springs into existence, made completely of wind. This wolf can folllow Fenrir's orders, and it's slash is as powerful as a wind cutter.
Range: The wolf must stay two meters by his side. It is five feet long, and three feet tall.
Limitations: Two post charge up, three post maximum.

Name of Power: Fire Enhance
Element: Fire +
Effect: By adding Fire to his other abilities, Fenrir can make them stronger.
Range: Whatever his other attacks are.
Limitations: See his other attacks.

Name of Power: Broken Gleipner
Element: Wind
Effect: Fenrir chooses an arm. Every single bone in that arm breaks off from the arm, and spreads out so it is still proportionate, merely longer. Then, black wind surrounds it and forms a massive werewolf-esque arm. This arm is as powerful as if it were a real arm, seeing as the wind adds strength to it.
Range: 10 feet long and one foot thick
Limitations: This technique requires an initial charge of 2 posts, can be used for four posts, and requires a secondary cooldown of four posts (does not need the initial charge after that)

Name of Power: Rokkr
Element: Wind
Effect: The same effect as Broken Gleipner, however this effects half of his body. It doesn't mean half of his body solidly, but merely half in volume. This means it could be one arm, one leg, and whatnot. However, in this form he gains a tail, made by using the scythe as a catalyst, much like his bones act. If he chooses to use this technique with his head, it forms into a giant lupine head.
Range: 20 feet long and three feet thick.
Limitations: This technique requires an initial charge of two posts, and can be used for five. It requires a 5 post secondary cooldown after use (does not need the initial charge after that)

Rp Sample "So... it's that time already" He asked, as the man behind him nodded. "Why is it so early?" He turned, facing his opposer. The being stood before him, six foot tall in a heavy black cloak. His face was obscured by his hood. In his hands, assuming he had hands, hidden by the over-sized sleeve, was a long black scythe.
"I don't know. All I know is your chord is black." The being explained, his voice resounding in the boy's head rather then out loud. At the mention of this, the kid looked down. Stemming from his heart was a thin chord, made of twisting, ethereal wire. It phased through his white skin, his black shirt, walls, etc, and spooled down the streets and building that surrounded them. In the alley they were standing in, the sun cut across the rooftops like a knife, sending harsh light cascading down into the boy's cold blue eyes. Smoothing his unruly brown hair down with his hands, he sighed.
"So.. if I can see my chord, the end truly is near." He said with dismay. He still wanted to do so much with his life! "Get on with it then." He growled at the being, whom was scratching his skin with bony, white hands.
"I have never seen someone so accepting of Death." He mused aloud. "Tell me kid, why the rush? Most beg me to let them live, but not you. "Get on with it then." He says.." Te being chuckled. The voice was light and feathery. "Why must I get on with it. What if I wish to toy with you." At this, he disappeared and reappeared beside him, in a flash. "What if I wish to make you scream." Disappearing again, he appeared to be walking through the walls, stepping out of shadows throughout the alley, brandishing his scythe high and mighty.
"You don't." The boy responded coolly. Ths stopped the Reaper in his tracks. "If you did, you would be doing so. How about we make a deal. You tell me why you are stalling, and I tell you why I am so accepting." His voice was low and baritone, cutting through the silence (minus the sounds of cars and the hustle and bustle of people up the alley and on the road, of course) and making the Reaper think.
"Alright, deal kid. I am stalling because I am considering Siring you. Your turn." The answer held no information, and didn't tell the boy anything. So he wanted to play it that way, huh? Fine. The kid could too.
"It is pointless to fight, escape is escape." His answer was even more vague then the Reaper's.
"This was a pointless deal.." The Reaper began, before raising his scythe. "Ready kid?" He asked, Twirling it in the air.
"Not just yet.." He answered, walking closer to the Reaper. "Why am I not worthy to be sired?"
Groaning, the reaper lowered his scythe and grabbed the kid. "Hold on tight." His bony fingers dug into the kid's shoulder - Hard. Tugging at the long sleeve, the boy's white fingers turned even whiter as they curled around the cold, heavy fabric. In a whoosh, he felt as if he were lighter then air... and then heavier then the world. Blacking out, he opened his eyes to find that they were on the roof. Dizzy, he let go of the reaper and fell to his knee's, vomiting on the graval that made up the roof.
"Well that's lovely.." The reaper groaned, rolling his eyes. Or so that was the impression the boy got. He still wasn't sure if the reaper even had eyes.
"I thought so..." His sarcasm was astounding, especially considering the situation.
"Alright Kid, what the fuck is wrong with you?" The Reaper asked, getting concerned. Stamping the butt of his scythe against the roof three times, the Crack!'s that boomed from the strike echoed in the open air. Then, the wind began to twirl. It swirled and twirled around the area, whipping at the boy's hair and loose black sweater and loose black cargo pants. Kind of Ironic. A reaper comes for the boy on the day he decided to wear all black. Then again, he was always wearing black. Even his sneakers were spray painted black.
The rocks started to pick up with the wind. As the Gravel all concentrated in one area, it began to melt and reform. Finally, at the end of it, two lumpy, gray, rocky chairs were revealed in the mess. The wind dying down, the boy's clothes and hair, as well as the Reaper's cloak stopped moving.
"Thank's." The boy said, ignoring the Reaper's question completely. Hauling himself onto a chair, his legs were weak and jello. Smiling as he sat up, he waited for the reaper to sit before answering. "What the hell do you mean, What the fuck is wrong with me?" He growled, his blue eyes boring into the darkness obscuring the Reaper's face. The kid could swear he saw a bony white grin. Great smile. He thought sarcastically.


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