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The Plot

After the Demons and Angels warred, the world was destroyed. The pure cataclysmic destruction forced all the continents back into Pangea, and the oceans into one Super Ocean. Now, the Underworld's seal is broken, and Demons are being freed more and more. They want Earth back. The reapers can't have that. If that happens, they lose all reason for existence, and will most likely be destroyed. The angels purely want peace, and will gain it any way possible. Now, dragons are running amok as Abraham plots with Cortex, Demon General of war. What do they have planned? A new war is starting up. Fenrir, Uriel, and Akuma-Oni are desperate, and want their side to win no matter what. Whose side will you choose?



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Rules of the site Empty Rules of the site

Post  Fenrir Sun Apr 18, 2010 8:34 pm

The rules on how the site works.

The Rules
In order for things to run smoothly, I've laid down some ground rules. I expect everyone to follow each and every one of them, since they aren't that hard to grasp. If you have any questions that aren't answered, feel free to PM me

1.) No God-modding. Its just annoying and makes things unpleasant for everyone. Every element has a weakness and while coming up against your weakness, you’re at a severe disadvantage.

2.) No Auto-hitting. 'Nuff said

3.) Subject Matter. Swearing, romance and violence is allowed, but lets keep things PG-13, thank you very much. If you would to do something over PG-13, take it to the Mature board, not everyone wants to read that(but we do encourage it (^-^)

4.) No Flaming. Its one thing to joke around with another player and call him or her a name, but as soon as they feel offended, you’ve gone too far. If there is any flaming, PM me and the person doing the flaming will be banned. Its not pleasant for people who come here to have fun.

5.) Character Approval. Please don’t begin to RP until I (or another staff member has) approve(d) your character.

6.) STAY ON TOPIC AND ON CHARACTER. If you have something out-of-character to say regarding the thread, use [OOC:] to say it. Otherwise, don’t write it. There are OOC threads that you can post your thoughts in.

7.) There's is no killing unless given permission by the one who your planing on killing, and only in the God's Arena.

8.) It is a one paragraph (That is 5 sentences) Posting MINIMUM! If your post does not have that, please edit it so it does.

9.) No editing posts in a fight. If you didn't do something right the first time, sucks to be you.

10.) One character per account. This site uses a Point system to monitor your power tier, and it would be hard with six characters.

That's all really. Remember, even with fight threads I want well thought out, dedicated posts. GOOD LUCK ALL!


If any one of these rules are broken, depending on the severity, here's how it will go;

1 broken rule -- warning
2 broken rules -- 2 day second warning
3 broken rules -- 3 day suspension
4 broken rules -- 4 day suspension
5 broken rules -- ban

If you realize you've broken a rule and correct it, then it will be excused. However, note that consistent flaming with a warning will automatically get you banned

Thank you for reading!


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